Valentine's Recipe Collection- Go Vegan on Valentine's Day

Being vegan is all about caring; for ourselves, other species and the planet; so what better way to celebrate the day we dedicate to all things love-related, than by choosing cruelty-free, plant based foods for ourselves and our loved ones? Even eating vegan for just one day will make a difference; one day of treading a little more lightly on the Earth and leaving a slightly smaller footprint; of attending to our health and caring about other beings as well as ourselves. Plus, vegan foods just happen to be exciting, nutritious and  delicious. So what are you waiting for? Spread the love and enjoy some vegan treats!

We hope you liked  the raw chocolate recipe we posted earlier this week, but in case you fancy something else with which to woo your beloved on Valentine's Day, here it is again, along with some goodies we made earlier...


  1. Yum yummy . Happy valentines day

  2. yummy array of vegan delights for valentines day :)

  3. They all look great! I think my favourite has to be the chocolate cake :)


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