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Tofu Broccoli Wholewheat Momos

Momos are fun to cook and fun to eat! I first tried these steamed stuffed dumplings in a Tibetan restaurant by the lake in Pushkhar, India, where they were packed with veggies and served floating in broth. Filling and wholesome.  We don't really cook with white flour, though, so when I created our version of momos I used organic wholemeal flour with the bran sifted out. I decided to go for the Nepali/ Indian version served with chutney, but with a Tibetan filling of tofu, ginger and coriander. I couldn't resist adding broccoli as the tiny florets hold in flavour and moisture so well. They may seem fiddly to make, but once the dough is kneaded, the steamer set up and the filling made, shaping these little parcels of goodness is actually rather enjoyable. You can have your chutney bubbling away as they steam, too. "Shall I make them again?" I asked the family while tentatively studying their faces as they ate (they are used to this by now as we are alw

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