Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves)- vegan, gluten free

Dolmades are even more delicious drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil!!
We didn't have a holiday in Greece this year, but luckily we have these yummy little mouthfuls of flavour to remind us of the sunshine, blue sea and olive trees! Dolmades are a kind of European equivalent of sushi or lettuce rolls, and they make a lovely simple Summer meal along with hummus, a green salad and perhaps some steamed new potatoes. They're also perfect for slipping into lunchboxes and picnic baskets...

We made about 20 with these quantities:
20 pre-cooked vine leaves (We bought the vacuum-packed kind)
1 cup (dry weight) brown rice, long or short grain
4 level tabs ground almonds
1 heaped tab yeast flakes (aka nutritional yeast)
10 stoned black olives
1 level tab fresh mint
1 tsp fresh flat-leaved parsley
1/2 tab extra-virgin olive oil
1 tab lemon juice
1 level tsp seasalt
1/4 tsp coarse black pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp compound hing
  • Cook the rice in twice the amount of water until soft and the water is absorbed.
  • Meanwhile prepare the rest of the filling: grind the almonds and chop the herbs and olives finely.
  • Mix the rest of the ingredients and seasonings with the rice and adjust the seasonings if necessary.
  • Roll up the filling inside the vine leaves as shown below:

Put the filling towards the bottom of each leaf, fold in the sides and roll tightly, placing the end of the roll underneath so that it doesn't come undone.


  1. I think dolmas were first introduced to me by my boyfriend, about 6-7 years ago. We started dating, way back then, during our University years. He took me to this small local market and a deli bar, and there's a huge bowl of stuffed grape leaves soaked in fresh olive oil. I thought they were just leafy rolls. He wanted me try them since they are vegetarian and I said, I'm not sure I wanted to. So he bought me one and I was addicted to them every since that moment. I would buy a container of these fresh stuffed leaves on a weekly basis, or even search for some wherever I travel. It's so good when it's fresh, I don't prefer the canned ones. Thanks for bringing that memory back. Oh my goodness, I've tried some vegan cheeze from Greece, they are sooooooooooooo delicious!

    1. That's a nice story- so glad this post brought back happy memories! I'll be sure to try the Greek vegan cheese when I go there next.


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