Creamy Cheeze Sauce

Pictured here over gluten free pasta, but also makes a wicked cauliflower cheeze...
Creamy, smooth and satisfyingly packed with good oils and nutrients; this cheeze sauce was scientifically invented by my husband. The recipe as shown here makes a large blender jug full, to be used with pasta, cauliflower or whatever, and contains about 130g protein in total; perfect for fuelling up the night before a long-distance run or for recovery afterwards, which is when we first had it, to replenish our energy when we'd finished the Birmingham Half Marathon last month.

100g cashews
100g almonds
50g linseeds (flax)
25g sunflower seeds
25g sesame seeds
1.5 tsps salt
1.25 litres soya or other plant milk
2-3 tabs lemon juice
30g yeast flakes (aka nutritional yeast, nooch)

  • Grind all the seeds and nuts finely- do them separately, to make sure there are no lumps.
  • Put them and the salt into a high speed blender such as an Omniblend, Vitamix, Froothie or Blendtec and whizz momentarily .
  • Add the plant milk and blend again. Lastly, put in the lemon juice and yeast flakes.
  • Your sauce is now ready to heat gently and add to your recipe!

By the way, we both finished the race in the top 40% of all runners, with times of 2 hrs 91/2 minutes, and in the top 20% for our age groups, so we were really pleased with that- can't wait to do it again! Hooray for plant power
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  1. I think it's probably time to invest in a high-powered blender... Do you have one you can recommend please? There's so much blurb on t'interweb about them, but it all seems to be US based. It'd be good to have a UK opinion. I don't suppose there's a decent budget option you know of? Ta muchly!

    1. We bought an Omniblend, which has similar specs to the Froothie. Both available in UK quite easily and much cheaper than the Vitamix or Blendtech. I wouldn't recommend Blendtech as my husband's friend bought one and it broke straight away trying to make peanut butter. I recommend the Omniblend, because although slightly less powerful than the Froothie is only about 220, whereas you could pay 350 for the Froothie. Look on ebay or Amazon. We haven't come across anything our Omniblend can't cope with yet, including raw dal and rice to make pancake batter! hope this helps :)

  2. Well done to you both on completing the race. The vegan cheese looks really good.

  3. Looks so inviting:) Perfect for these winters :)

  4. I'm going to try the sauce on some wholewheat pasta ..Thanks


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