BBQ Pulled Seitan

This would be great for a sunny, early Autumn barbecue, but you could always save this recipe for Bonfire Night. It seems like ages ago (it was!) since I made this, but I couldn't resist sharing. I've noticed "pulled" things have even crept into UK restaurant chains lately so this is a timely vegan alternative. Another idea would be to use spaghetti squash, but remember it's not a rich source of protein like seitan is.

You'll need:
Seitan made with 1kg unbleached organic white bread flour; see here  for how to do this. You'll need to include the boiling in broth stage too, to ensure the seitan is tender.

BBQ sauce:
1tsp tamarind concentrate
4 tabs tomato purée
3 tabs agave
2-3 tsps gaur/raw sugar
1 1/2 tsps sea salt/ Himalayan pink salt
1tab tamari sauce
1tab smoked paprika
1/3tsp black pepper
A pinch of compound hing
A pinch of red chilli powder
  • Make the seitan, boil and shred into thin strips with a knife. If you use a grater, you'll get a much more mince-like texture.
  • Mix the sauce ingredients together, blending with a balloon whisk over a low heat.
  • Meanwhile, grill your seitan strips.
  • Mix with the sauce and serve hot or cold in buns.


  1. I am bookmarking this recipe to make Sarojini, its fab. Your right 'pulled' pork if creeping its way into the UK food scene, but I also noted the vegan version made with Jackfruit, which I am hoping to make soon too, but the seitan one I have seen recently at a veg cafe in Cardiff so its good to see your version and I can try it at home, hopefully not too long - and Bonfire week may be the time to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, I hope you like if you try it. Where can you get jackfruit? I'd love to try that too.

    2. I've found it mostly in Bangladeshi green grocers in larger cities.

  2. This looks Great!!!!


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