Recipes Revisited 1: Plum and Almond Clafoutis- vegan, gluten free

This closeup shows the crispy texture of the crust contrasting with the soft plums inside.
This post is the first in a series in which we revisit recipes we posted here before and give them a makeover to get them even yummier! This dessert caught my attention because we've only ever made it the one time (last October) and we recently picked some particularly delicious red plums at the allotment that were crying out to be showcased in something other than jam or crumble. Plums are also said to be Srimati Radharani's  favourite fruit, so as we have Radhastami, Her appearance day, coming up this Friday (13.9.13) it seemed appropriate to post a plum recipe in time for that.
The original recipe is here; this version is basically the same except that I added a flax egg (1tab ground flaxseed to 3 tabs water, whisked together) and more plums. I used a shallower dish, too, so that the plums showed up better, as the batter rises slightly when cooked. If I had had any vanilla, I would have also added that to the batter mix.We didn't have any flaked almonds for the top, so I used some ground almonds instead. The clafoutis was delicious served warm with a scoop of vanilla Swedish Glace (vegan icecream) on the side. -Oh, and the other thing is a little demerara sugar sprinkled on top just before putting it in the oven, just to add some extra crunch.
Happy Autumn!

The original version!


  1. This looks SO good!!! love the flavors - what a lovely way to say goodbye to summer!!
    mary x

  2. This looks AMAZING! It also looks like something I could have for breakfast because fruits! I love things that can work either as breakfast OR dessert! Yum!


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