Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Eastern Mediterranean roasted vegetable pizza- vegan

This supper, originally a kind of what- can- I- make- that's- vegan- while- the- kids- have- pizza? turned out better than a expected, considering it was invented from whatever I could find in the fridge and cupboards. So tasty, in fact, I will be making it again. I haven't given quantities, as they are not really  necessary; just adapt to however many people you want to feed.
pizza dough
roasted orange firm-fleshed pumpkin
                                                      smoked paprika
                                                      roasted courgette, sliced diagonally
                                                      sundried tomatoes, cut into strips
                                                      coarse-ground black pepper                                                 
                                                      dried basil

                                                      lemon juice
                                                      light soy sauce
                                                      water to mix
(Add ingredients in the given order until you have a thick, custard-like texture and a "cheesy" flavour. The water will make the sauce thicken at first, then it thins as you add more.)
  •  Mix the salt and smoked paprika with the mashed roasted pumpkin and spread onto the almost-cooked pizza base
  • Add the sundried tomatoes, roasted courgette slices and olives
  • Drizzle with the tahini sauce
  • Sprinke with the pepper and dried basil
  • Return to the oven (200C) and cook until heated through, but not long enough to over-dry the sauce.

Inspiration time: in our allotment

Thought I would post some pics I took lately of what we have in our allotment at the moment...   how many dishes in the making can you spot?
There is something really satisfying about growing your own organic fruit and veg and I love to come here to pick and plan my cooking- better than a trip to the supermarket any day! We also have tomatoes, potatoes (including some funky purple ones), runner beans, borlotti beans, climbing French beans and several kinds of courgette/ marrow. There will be Chinese broccoli, beetroot, parsnips, cucumbers, basil, gooseberries, raspberries, more kale, and of course the pumpkins...
Thanks to my husband for his hard work and to Mother Nature  :)
Baby spinach

Rocket in the polytunnel

Young broad beans

Red mustard greens and wild rocket in the poytunnel

Baby oakleaf lettuces in the polytunnel

Green and yellow French beans ready to be planted out

Tender young Ragged Jack kale

First radish of the season!

young mangetout plants

Currant flowers