Ingredient of the Month

Bought something exotic and wondering what to do with it?

On the first day of every month here at The Yogi Vegetarian, we feature an ingredient. It can be a seasonal fruit or vegetable, a nut, seed, pulse, oil,  protein source or seasoning- in fact, anything we include in our diet that's worth a mention.
In each post you will find information on its origins, nutritional value, medicinal value (if any) and how to use it in cooking. There are usually also links to recipes using the ingredient and since May 2013, there is an associated recipe event, where readers submit their own recipes using the ingredient, so you have an even bigger collection to browse.
We update this page regularly, so you can catch up on Ingredient of the Month if you missed any, or look up an ingredient. Just click on the titles to go straight to the post.

Fed up with your usual way of cooking veggies?

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