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Instant Red Cabbage "Sauerkraut"

Seitan a l'Orange: New Year's Eve Dinner part 1

Beetroot Red Velvet Cake: New Year's Eve Dinner part 2

Gingerbread House 2011

Quick and Easy Cranberry Sauce

Apple and prune mince pies- vegan, no added sugar

Cranberry Christmas Cake- vegan

Smoked Paprika Sauce- vegan

Date and marzipan chocolates- a vegan Christmas treat

the Yogi Vegetarian gets 4 awards....

Gluts of fruit and vegetables are natural part of our diet

Seitan how-to; an amendment is on its way!

vegan "cheese" topping

spiced cream of parsnip soup- vegan

Carob and hemp chewy bars

Ingredient of the month 3: Nutritional Yeast

Mocha maple walnut birthday cake- no refined sugar


"Higher Taste" cookbook birthday giveaway!

Ginger and date squares- vegan

Vegan Vegetable or Ravioli Filling

Red bean hemp burgers- vegan

Almond/ Carob Celebration Cake

Smoky Autumn Pizza- vegan

Vegan Shepherd's Pie

Moroccan apricot and almond couscous with roasted vegetables

A Bonfire Night Special- Savoury Catherine Wheels- vegan

Ingredient of the month 2: Date Syrup

Soda flatbread

Quick carob peanut butter fudge for Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja

Sweetcorn Chowder with Red Cabbage- vegan

Raw Apricot and Date Chewy Bars

Carob, date and walnut cake- vegan, sugar- free

Chocolate Cake- vegan, sugar-free

Kartika month is here!