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Agave Almond Slice

Too much sugar is bad for you! But most of us enjoy sweet tastes, so except on special occasions we indulge this by using the natural sweetness of dried fruit, birch bark (xylitol), stevia, gour and agave. We don't use honey because of bee welfare issues and the fact that it's generally very refined, plus you can't really bake with it because at high temperatures it can become toxic. If using sugar, we recommend the least refined possible. Please note that white sugar, as well as being an antinutrient (ie: substance which not only contributes "empty calories" but also robs the  body of nutrients) is often refined using bone charcoal filtration- ugh! (And certainly not a vegetarian practice.) So if you do want to use white sugar, eg: icing sugar for a special cake, make sure it is from beet sugar (like Silver Spoon brand) to avoid this process.

You can make many different types of natural sweet with ground nuts, seeds and dried fruit

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 Date and tahini loaf
Avocado chocolate semifreddo
Prune and cashew cupcakes
Banana icecream
Strawberry spearmint ice lollies
Iced strawberry dessert
Almond frangipane fingers
Ginger and date squares
Hemp and fruit bars
Carob and hemp chewy bars
Two Christmas cakes
Date syrup ginger parkin
Watermelon granita
Breakfast supersmoothie
Peach and coconut upside down cake
Blinis- eggless buckwheat pancakes
Hazelnut Valentine cookies
Sticky prune cake
Peanut butter almond flapjacks
Apricot almond Bakewell
Winter fruit salad
Apple and prune mince pies
Mocha maple walnut birthday cake
Chocolate agave almond slice
Fathers' Day banana bread

This list is updated from time to time... if you stop by here again, you may find something new...


  1. I am still drooling over that amazing cookie earlier! Which one is it? I NEED MORE!!!! Your recipes are just divine! Rx

    1. Was it the gluten free hazelnut cookies? (Valentine Cookies or the later version) They are really good, I have to say. Thanks for your feedback S x


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