Thursday, 28 November 2013

Benjamin Zephaniah Talking Turkeys- Happy Thanksgiving!

I think this speaks for itself, really- an incredibly entertaining yet thought-provoking poem written and performed by one very sincere and compassionate guy (I met him once). Hope you and the turkeys all have a great day!         

btw, This blog turned 3 on Wednesday, so big thanks to all our readers, both occasional and regular , and we hope to be blogging for many more years to come :)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tofu Couscous Bake- vegan

You can make this in one big tray, or individual dishes
This dish is a bit like shepherd's pie only in reverse and without potato: the protein part is on top and the carbs on the bottom. It was a quick and easy lunch, and I didn't get the exact recipe, but if you want to make it, here's (roughly) how:
You will need 3 l of soya milk, some tahini, lemon juice, salt and soy sauce for the topping. Curdle the soya milk and let drain in a fine-meshed sieve. Mix with tahini, salt, lemon juice and soy sauce until you get a tofu scramble texture and a somewhat cheesy taste. The base is simply softened couscous (add hot water and wait until it is absorbed) passata, salt, pepper, herbs and sweetcorn, olives and celery; plenty of celery gives that "cheese and celery" taste combo you might be missing if you're vegan.. (Feel free to add more veggies- I would have, but we'd run out of nearly everything.) Just put the base in an ovenproof dish/ dishes and spread the tofu on top. Bake for about 20 mins at 200C or until it is warmed through and starting to brown on top.