Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Veganise your Bathroom without Breaking the Bank

The secret is to buy in bulk!
 This month's how-to is not about cooking, for a change; we wanted to share with you our game-changing life hack for buying vegan bodycare products. We were delighted to find that Superdrug stocks loads of vegan products which are cheap but maybe not as natural or eco-friendly as their more expensive counterparts. Plus it was inconvenient to keep going there every time we ran low on stuff. Here's what we now do instead:

1: Save old shampoo bottles like the one on the right; it has a wide top for refilling and holds 400ml of products. You can get every last bit out, too.

2: Buy your shampoo/ shower gel/ conditioner/ handwash in 5l amounts. We got ours from Suma. We also found the bodywash does very nicely as shampoo or handwash too, so we just got bodywash plus conditioner. 

3: Clean your old bottles, remove the labels (you may need white spirit) and label them with the new contents. Paper labels written in permanent marker with sellotape on top should do the trick. You can now save money and pollution-causing plastic while enjoying good quality products that- literally- won't cost the Earth. This hack also works for your washing up liquid (we buy Bio-D as the Ecover one is not vegan.)

Do you have any money and environment-saving household tips?