Saturday, 24 January 2015

Vegan Bhatura- yeast free

After running 10 miles (16k) in the cold - having achieved a new personal best of 88 minutes- what better way to refuel than to tuck into a hot, nutritious meal of chunky veg and bean stew and warm, freshly-made flatbreads? Bhatura is a North Indian deep fried bread that is soft and puffy. It goes very well with chickpea curry (chole) to make the popular Punjabi meal chole bhature. The bread is often leavened with yeast, but there are lots of recipes around which use baking powder, yoghurt, Eno's salts or even lemonade to achieve the light and puffy texture. We love bhatura as a nice change from chapattis, but had not made it since going vegan. So despite the tired legs, my husband heroically got to work with some organic wholemeal flour, baking powder and home made soya yoghurt- and within a very short time there was soon a stack of steaming hot breads all ready to dunk into the bean and veggie stew I had made. Yum!
 If you'd like to make bhatura, there are 3 variations on Wikihow, here. Just sub in vegan yoghurt for the dairy.