The Yogi Vegetarian Blog Policies and Creative Commons Licence

Just to clarify things...

Comments Policy: 
  • We love getting comments, and  also appreciate constructive and informative feedback/ debate. Comments are enabled for each post I make, at the bottom of the post itself, so feel free to use this facility- it's how we can get to know each other and network, which is after all what blogging is all about!
  • All comments are moderated by us. When we receive a comment we will first read it, and then decide whether to edit and/ or publish it.There are certain types of comment which we do not publish:
             1: Hate, either towards me or anyone else
             2: Spam- links and/ or comments which are irrelevant to the post (including "trolling")
             3: Profanity- swearwords and/or irrelevant sexual language. If the rest of the post
                 is relevant we may edit out the words and publish the remainder of the comment. 
                If none of the comment is acceptable, we will delete it unpublished.
            4: Comments which would be of no interest to readers, eg: requests to link The Yogi   Vegetarian blog to other websites.
                W read and evaluate these comments and take any appropriate action, but they will not be 
                published unless there is a valid reason for our doing so.

  • To avoid spam, we will not publish any comment with more than 3 links in it, so if you would like to share more than 3 links for genuine reasons, please send them in separate comments.
  • If your comment needs an answer from me, we will usually reply via the comments section on the same post as you made your comment, unless we have your contact details.

Privacy Policy:

  • The Yogi Vegetarian blog tracks visitor stats such as country, operating system, number of hits per post and search terms. This is an automated feature, enabled by cookies. I use this data only to give me an idea of who my audience is and what is popular on my blog, so I can improve my service to you. You can reset your browser to refuse cookies, but that could mean that some features of may not work properly for you.
  •  Any information you might give me via the blog such as your email address via a comment, etc. will not be passed on to anyone else or sold for marketing purposes. The only exception to this is if it is required by a law enforcement agency. 

Terms and Conditions of Site Use Policy:

  • All original content on The Yogi Vegetarian blog, including text and images is copyright, and may not be used without our permission. (There are a couple of posts which may contain an image credited to another site/ company. If you want to use these, you must seek permission from the owners.)
  • This blog is protected by a Creative Commons License- please go to the bottom of the page for details.
  • Please understand that The Yogi Vegetarian blog may very occasionally be unavailable for short times; this will probably be either because we have temporarily disabled it for maintenance or because of a server problem with Blogger. Either way, it should not happen for long, so please keep trying!
  • All my recipes are published in good faith and have been tried out by us to our satisfaction, many of them a number of times; some have been tested by others too. We take no responsibility for the outcome of recipes when readers have not followed the instructions correctly. Having said that, if there are any problems/ issues or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to let us know via a comment and we will act on your feedback.
  • Disclaimer: The Yogi Vegetarian blog takes no responsiblilty for any allergic reaction incurred from consuming any of the recipes or ingredients thereof. When using certain ingredients which are allergenic such as chocolate, nuts, wheat or dairy products, it is the reader's responsibility to make appropriate decisions.
  •  All readers make and consume the recipes at their own risk. 
  • The Yogi Vegetarian blog is not responsible for content or availability of any sites the reader is led to by links on the blog.

Creative Commons Licence:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

               We hope you enjoy our blog: come back soon!

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