Cook's Notes, Conversions and Equipment

Abbreviations used:
tsp = teaspoon (5ml)
tab = tablespoon
dsp = dessert spoon

We use metric measurements in the blog (grams/ kilograms, litres/ millilitres) except where we have found spoon or cup measurements to be handier. We use:

1 cup = 250ml
1 tsp (teaspoon) = 5ml
1 tab (tablespoon; serving rather than dessert) = 

100g = 3.5 oz
500g = 18 oz (just over a pound)

100ml = 0.2 pints
250ml = 0.4 pints
1000ml (1 litre) = 1.8 pints

Oven Temperatures:
We use a fan oven, so you may want to slightly raise the temperatures we have given if yours is not fan assisted. Feel free to experiment. For cakes, oven temperature is very important for good results, and also relates to the size and depth of the cake mould used- we have given what works for us; it may bit a little different for you.
150C = 300F = Gas Mark 2
180C = 350F = Gas Mark 4
220C=  425F = Gas Mark 7

Kitchen Equipment:
Most of our recipes can be prepared with a minimum of special equipment, however if you use wholefoods to make things like vegan cheeses and sauces from scratch and in quantity, you do need a good blender and/ or grinder and a stick blender at the very least. A food processor is also good for grating large amounts and making stuff like hummus and nut/seed butter. (It can be hard to scrape it all out from a blender.) We use our dehydrator from time to time, for stuff like apple rings, raw crackers and cultured vegan nut cheese.
Some basic kitchen tools we couldn't do without are:

  • Box grater
  • Y-shaped peeler
  • Colander
  • Sieve
  • Balloon whisk
  • Silicone moulds and ovenproof dishes/ trays in various sizes
  • Good knives and chopping boards
  • Slotted spoons and spatulas
  • Measuring cup or jug
Disclaimer: Some of our recipes have only been tried once; most several times. But if something doesn't work out for you, remember this is a blog, not a cookery book, and some dishes are very much a work in progress- usually, we will make this clear in our posts. Also, oven temperatures and times vary from kitchen to kitchen, and even slightly different ingredients may give very different results. Any queries or constructive comments can be sent to us via the comments sections below each post, and we will be only too happy to answer any of your questions. Most of all, we want you to have fun at The Yogi Vegans and enjoy cooking and eating cruelty free!


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