Monday, 2 May 2011

Simple salads 2: Tofu mayo

Cubes of avocado with tofu mayo
Goes really well with avocado. With the addition of black salt, this could even taste a lot like egg mayo- not that I personally like to copy foods I don't eat, but I know some people miss foods if they gave them up only recently.
firm tofu, cubed- I used half a block of Cauldron Foods tofu
lemon juice
black pepper
a hint of hing
  •  Apart from the first ingredient, I tailored the amounts to suit the effect I was going for, ie: not too acidic/ lemony 
  • All you do is whizz everything up in your blender- couldn't be easier!
  • My favourite way to serve this is with cubed avocado, but it's also very good with salad potatoes.

Simple salads 1: Barley salad

Pearl barley is so cheap and widely available, and there is so much more you can do with it besides adding it to soups and stews, like making thirst-quenching lemon barley water or a delicious savoury pilaff. It is high in fibre, selenium, tryptophan (an aminoacid- precursor to protein) and other minerals too.
sundried tomatoes
sweetcorn kernels (cooked)
dried basil
smoked paprika
peanut oil and lime dressing (squeeze lime and shake in a jar with peanut oil)
Use whatever proportions you feel like! Possible adaptation: one of the kids heated up a portion of the salad with some melted cheese and enjoyed it that way.

Simple Salads

First, apologies to my regular readers for not posting anything much this last week, but my laptop needs fixing and I'm having to use the much-in-demand family PC. I hope to get back to my usual amount of posts soon!
Anyway, as it's getting sunnier and we naturally move towards cooler foods at this time of year, I thought I would post a couple of simple but yummy salad recipes. There's nothing I enjoy more when cooking a Spring/ Summer meal than presenting a variety of salads to accompany main dish, or even as the main dish itself; they're colourful, have a variety of textures and tastes and usually involve some extremely healthy ingredients/ superfoods. Please use the comments section to share your favourite salads :)