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Banh Mi Chay-Vietnamese street food re-posted for The Mad Scientist's Kitchen "Street Foods of the World" Event

Cashew and Soya "Cheese" Roule- vegan

Food trends for 2013

Countdown to Christmas cookery 7: Main courses: Budget Nut Roast, Walnut and Red Pepper Roast (vegan)

Christmas 2012 Cookery Highlights and Recipes

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 6: Gluten-free Stuffing and Sauce: Cranberry Sauce and Gluten-free Apricot Stuffing

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 5: More Veggies- Maple-Glazed Sprouts (vegan)

EV Series Herbs and Spices Event Roundup

Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake- vegan

How to 7: Make Marzipan- vegan, gluten-free

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 4: Sweets- Chocolate Hemp Chikki, Chocolate Dates and Vegan Marshmallows

Easy-Peasy Pulao- vegan: re-blogged for Kids' Delight Event

Seitan chickpea sausages/patties or mince- vegan

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 3: Veggie sides: Baked Beetroot with Cumin and Smoky Swede Mash

Ingredient of the Month 15: Kale

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 2: Chocolate, Pear and Almond Pudding Cake and Cranberry Christmas Cake (both vegan and sugar free)

Vegetable muffins- vegan (also with cheese version)

The Yogi Vegetarian Turns 2 Today!

Fiery Green Tomato, Lemon and Chilli Chutney

Hemp seed Soda Bread Rolls -vegan, yeast free

Countdown to Christmas Cookery 1: Introducing a new mini-series