2012 Recipe Roundup: The Yogi Vegetarian top 10 Recipes, How-tos and Ingredients of 2012

Spot the seven posts taken from the lists below in this collage!

2012 was quite an eventful year for us; as well as doing lots of cooking and blogging about it, we contributed to a recipe book which was published last Spring, we organised and catered for two 3-day Hare Krishna Festivals, went on holiday, worked hard at our jobs, went running regularly, helped our kids- and bit our nails!- through numerous exams and did continued to do up our house.... no wonder we get tired sometimes! Blogwise, The Yogi Vegetarian continues to grow steadily in popularity in terms of pageviews, though it hasn't got an enormous number of followers to date. There is a new series to go with "Ingredient of the Month", How-to", published on the 10th of every month. The Yogi Vegetarian now has its own Facebook page and YouTube Channel, so do please pay these a visit if you haven't already. We also started another blog last month, Vegan on a Budget, which focuses on cooking fresh, seasonal food for less. So to round off 2012 and start 2013, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at which recipes, how-tos and ingredients were the most popular on The Yogi Vegetarian in 2012. Here goes:
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10: Vegetarian and vegan Cornish pasties
9:   Baked eggless frittata
8:   Buckwheat "free from" cookies
7:   Sticky prune cake
6:   Almond frangipane fingers- gluten free
5:   Crumble topping
4:   Peanut butter almond flapjacks
3:   Blinis- eggless buckwheat pancakes
2:   Coconut cardamom oat squares and the top favourite is...
1:   Strawberry tofu cheesecake
Since the  top 8 are sweet, baked recipes, I can only conclude that you all have a sweet tooth, and that new baking recipes are the most searched-for, especially vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free versions of classics like frangipane and cheesecake! My overall favourite of last year has to be Vegan Marshmallows, though; as they happened quite by accident and caused such a flurry of excitement in the house!

Ingredient of the month:
3: Extra-virgin olive oil
2: Xylitol 
1: Nutritional yeast 

3: Quick and easy tofu 
2: Basic eggless cake 
1: Radish flowers 

Other non-recipe:

3: Finnish birch sap-the new aloe vera juice? 
2: Why offer food to God? 
1: Health benefits of eating and drinking from stainless steel

We hope these links are useful to you, especially if you missed out first time round. If you have any ideas for us to create recipes or how-tos, research ingredients or post about any other food-related topic, please do let us know via the comments. Happy cooking!


  1. What a fantastic round up!! wondeful recipes - it sounds like you had quite a year - congratulations with the entry in the cookbook!! How fun!
    Mary x

  2. Congratulations!!
    I like the name of the new blog caled Vegan on a Budget - very catchy!
    All the best and looking forward for many more healthy recipes

  3. First time here, nice name and recipes also. do visit mine too.


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