The Yogi Vegetarian Turns 2 Today!

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

I would never have thought that I would be able to keep writing recipes for this long, and I have to say I am finding blogging more and more enjoyable- and addictive- as time goes on!
Looking back at my second year of blogging I realise that I have a lot to thank others for: Firstly my husband, who has not only tolerated me spending hours on my laptop but also chipped in with useful tips and ideas, and contributed some of his own amazing recipes. It is as much his blog as mine now. The rest of my family have also done me a great service by eating and commenting on the recipes. If none of them like a particular one, I can be pretty sure it isn't worth publishing! I must also thank my friends, godbrothers and sisters and work colleagues for reading the blog and its fb page; their interest and enthusiam has spurred me on. And last, but certainly not least, it's YOU, my blog readers and followers who have inspired me. I have read so many truly excellent posts by others it's really quite humbling! (For example, I am always really impressed with Mel Makes, which is always immaculately presented and beautifully illustrated. She has only been in the blogosphere since October, too.)
From my stats I can tell that my blog gets way more pageviews from search results rather than from regulars, as I don't have tons of followers- yet- but at least I know it's being read by someone. (And I get a lot more pageviews now than I used to, as I post very regularly.) I often wonder who has tried out a recipe or two... and that leads me on to think about the steps I have made in the past year towards building a blog community round The Yogi Vegetarian. I don't get tons of comments on my posts, but then I myself don't spend an awful lot of time following and commenting on other blogs- my reading list only has to take a few minutes to keep up with every day, as I am a full-time Mum and wife and I go to work every day. I do like to leave comments when I get time, though. When someone writes a really great post with lovely pictures they deserve recognition! I tried out hosting a recipe event last Spring, but maybe that was a little premature, as the response was not huge. (Perhaps I should ask a more popular fellow blogger to guest host an event on my behalf next time?)*
If you are reading this now, and you do drop by The Yogi Vegetarian from time to time, then I'd love to get some feedback via comments. What would you like to see featured? Do you have a request for any dish in particular, an idea for a "how-to" or maybe you'd like some information about an ingredient? 
.... I'm eagerly awaiting your responses, so I can better cater for you!

*If you'd like to do this, just leave a message for me in the comments below this post. It's great way to direct new readers to both our blogs.


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