Tofu Couscous Bake- vegan

You can make this in one big tray, or individual dishes
This dish is a bit like shepherd's pie only in reverse and without potato: the protein part is on top and the carbs on the bottom. It was a quick and easy lunch, and I didn't get the exact recipe, but if you want to make it, here's (roughly) how:
You will need 3 l of soya milk, some tahini, lemon juice, salt and soy sauce for the topping. Curdle the soya milk and let drain in a fine-meshed sieve. Mix with tahini, salt, lemon juice and soy sauce until you get a tofu scramble texture and a somewhat cheesy taste. The base is simply softened couscous (add hot water and wait until it is absorbed) passata, salt, pepper, herbs and sweetcorn, olives and celery; plenty of celery gives that "cheese and celery" taste combo you might be missing if you're vegan.. (Feel free to add more veggies- I would have, but we'd run out of nearly everything.) Just put the base in an ovenproof dish/ dishes and spread the tofu on top. Bake for about 20 mins at 200C or until it is warmed through and starting to brown on top.


  1. Sounds amazing. Never thought about making homemade tofu from soya milk. 3 litres sounds like a lot of milk though... How many does this serve? x

    1. Hi there and thanks for your comment :) Sorry, we usually do state how many a dish serves. This one made about 7 portions (we have a big family!) but I don't know how useful that fact is, since I didn't measure the amount of couscous. When soaked, the couscous filled a medium- sized deep roasting dish. Hope this helps you scale it down. We will probably make this agian and get exact measurements- as it is, it's a bit of an experiment!

  2. thats an interesting recipe :) looks delicious !!

  3. At first, I thought it was lasagna, my heart beats for it! Love the idea of using couscous as a filling and the curdled “tofu” topping. What a fantastic alternative to Shepherd’s pie!


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