Seitan a l'Orange: New Year's Eve Dinner part 1

A very happy 2012 to you all! Here's an idea I had for a New Year's Eve dinner; I tried it out on my family and a guest tonight so I could post it  in time for people to use on the big night. This is the (entirely vegan) menu I served:
  • Pumpkin soup (too simple to warrant a recipe- celery seed and Chinese five-spice were the main seasonings)
  • Seitan a l'orange with steamed broccoli and creamed potatoes (think olive oil, salt, pepper and yeast flakes)
  • Beetroot red velvet cake with Swedish Glace soya icecream (in the next post)
I made the seitan earlier in the day, and let it sit, slice, to soak up all its broth for a couple of hours. See previous post for how to make seitan. This recipe served 5.
Seitan made with 1 1/4 bags plain white flour
2 fresh oranges (grate the rind off one)
2 cups orange juice (you may have to buy a carton as only one of the oranges can be juiced; the other is for slicing)
1 cup stock made with water and 3 tsps brown rice miso
1 tabs soy sauce
4 tsps arrowroot
1 tab ume plum dressing
3 tsps date syrup

  • Heat up the stock, soy sauce and orange juice in a saucepan
  • Stir in the ume seasoning, grated orange peel and the date syrup 
  • Use a balloon whisk to gradually combine the arrowroot, then bring to a simmering boil
  • Continue to simmer, stirring well, until the sauce begins to reduce
  • Lay the sliced seitan in a large ovenproof dish and pour the sauce over it. It will look like there's a lot of sauce, but it will thicken and reduce down a lot. 
  • Slice the other orange into thin rounds and lay on top of the seitan and sauce.
  • Bake at 175C until the sauce has reduced somewhat and the orange slices are cooked and tender.
  • Serve with greens and some kind of mash/ puree. (I used potato and broccoli; you could try parsnip and bok choy, or celeriac and curly kale, etc.)


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