Instant Red Cabbage "Sauerkraut"

I am sick of cake!-There, I said it! I don't want to see another mince pie, fruit cake or chocolate date for another year... Today my body is calling for salad, fresh veggies; simple and digestible foods... and it just so happens that our friend Karen (Kalakanti dasi) who is well up to date on all the latest food and health- related info. dropped by yesterday and left us a new bottle of ume plum seasoning. I'd never have thought of using it if she hadn't given us a bottle this time last year, and now I miss it if it's not in my cupboard. The great thing is that it's a lot like a fruity vinegar without being fermented, therefore perfect for those following the yogic path, as it's in the Mode of Goodness and is offerable to Krishna. It is very salty, though, so you can't just slosh it into sauces willy-nilly. I adore red cabbage, and prefer it raw to cooked, but I can't add it to mixed salads as it gives my husband indigestion. Tonight I served it on the side with the salad that accompanied our dinner of jacket potato and vegetable chilli, and everyone who tried it liked it. I'll be making it again!
The recipe is extremely simple, and takes literally minutes to make. The great advantage here is that unlike real sauerkraut you can eat it straight away. My recipe makes enough to fill about 3/4 large olive jar.

1/2 a red cabbage
8 tabs ume plum dressing

  • Grate the red cabbage into a bowl
  • Add the ume plum dressing and stir well
  • Keep in a jar in the fridge


  1. First time here..You have lovely blog with awesome recipes…I am your new follower..Do check my blog if you have time..


  2. Yes, I checked out your blog and I love it :)


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