"Higher Taste" cookbook birthday giveaway!

Happy birthday to me! The Yogi Vegetarian blog is 1 year old today. ..   

...It hasn't exactly been a runaway success in terms of having lots of followers, but gets enough hits to make me feel it's worth carrying on, and has given me lots of enjoyment: I'm passionate about sharing both my recipes and the spiritual reasons for vegetarianism! I think most hits I get come from people searching for a particular recipe rather than following the blog. One thing that still blows me away, though, is the fact that through the internet I have reached out to readers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the US, Russia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Thailand, South Africa and India. I'd like to thank my tiny little band of followers for their kind comments and loyalty over the past year; I've been really inspired by looking at all your blogs too- thank you; there are some wonderfully- made sites out there!

This year I've come to the belief that the internet is the best recipe book. (The pages never get dirty no matter how much you use them!) I have looked at so many great cooking blogs, and blogs that include recipes; it's very humbling. Having said that, though, I'm giving away 3 copies of the cookbook "The Higher Taste" to readers  to celebrate my first year of blogging.  It's a Hare Krishna classic: a sound discussion of the various philosophical, health and moral reasons to be vegetarian followed by some really yummy pure vegetarian (ie: lacto but no eggs) recipes from around the world. There are even menu plans to help you combine the dishes and create a feast. Many of the recipes are from world famous Hare Krishna chef Kurma Das, author of several popular cookbooks. If you would like a copy, please say so in a comment on this post and hit "follow"; I will follow you back if you tell me your blog's URL! I will post a book to the first three to apply and include their mailing address, and I'll announce the winners and give a quick plug to their blogs (if they have one) as soon as I see that three people have applied.

Over the next year, my resolution is to carry on blogging, branch out and use some more unusual/ exotic ingredients in my cooking, and start making some "how to" videos to add to my blog. I want to reach more and more people, and make more "blog friends" so I'm aiming to continue my trend of getting more hits with every month. Any tips from you guys on how to make a successful blog would be much appreciated! A big slice of virtual birthday cake to you all,
Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. Happy birthday dear Yogi Vegetarian and thank you for all of your wonderful recipes!

  2. Guess I'm in time for the treat of your blogoversary... :)

    I'm yet to check out your blog, but I joined your site right away as the name of the blog is something I can relate to. Though I'm an eggetarian, I've been try to give up eggs I'm sure your blog will prove helpful. :)

    Now off to read your blog...

  3. Woah... Guess I'm the first one here who is interested in your giveaway. I really would love to get a copy of the higher taste, but I'm not really sure if I qualify. I just joined your site now.


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