Vegan Vegetable or Ravioli Filling

This filling is packed with protein from the ground almonds and the hemp powder, and the nutritional yeast gives it a somewhat cheesy flavour. I started cooking the peppers while I mixed the filling together, so it really was a quick and easy supper together with brown rice, grilled slices of aubergine (eggplant)  and steamed broccoli- and less than an hour from start to finish! Afterwards, it struck me that the  filling is a good texture for ravioli and although it's a long time since I made my own pasta, I might just give it a go...
(These quantities are enough to stuffs 6 bell peppers)
200g ground almonds
4 heaped tabs hemp flour
4 level tabs yeast flakes
2 level tabs vegan "Parmesan"
1/2 tube double concentrated tomato puree
2 sticks celery, chopped thinly
 the equivalent in sweet potato of 1 med grated carrot ( or 1 med carrot, grated)
1 tab dried mixed herbs
1-2 tabs pumpkin seeds
a pinch of hing
a pinch of paprika
seasalt and coarse-ground black pepper to taste
oil for shallow-frying

  • Gently fry the celery in the oil until starting to soften and set aside
  • Mix the seeds, ground nuts, hemp flour, yeast flakes and vegan "Parmesan" and all the seasonings in a large bowl
  • Stir in the vegetables 
  • Add the tomato puree and mix well
  • Use to stuff vegetables or ravioli. If stuffing vegetables such as bell peppers, ensure they are partially cooked on an oiled baking tray at 200C, then stuff them and return to the oven until peppers are soft and filling is heated through.


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