Spicy Beanburgers

How beautiful are these runner bean seeds?
We've been making these yummy burgers- or variations of them- for about 10 years now, since the kids were small- and they've remained a family favourite! This recipe makes 6-8:

About 500ml cooked and mashed (or blended) red kidney beans
A handful each of: ground sunflower seeds, ground pumpkin seeds, ground almonds, porridge oats
1 tab sesame seeds
Grated vegetables (1 1/2 parsnips, or a sweet potato or a bell pepper)
1/2 a tube of tomato puree
Seasoning: 1 tab soy sauce, a tsp hing (asafoetida), 12 tsps chilli powder, Herbes de Provence/ thyme and oregano, 1 dsp paprika.

  • Combine dry ingredients and mix well. Add grated vegetables, then seasonings.
  • Shape into burgers (makes about 8) and place on an oiled baking tray.
  • Bake at 200C until browned slightly (about 20 minutes), turning halfway through. You can also grill or shallow fry them, but don't cook them too long or they dry out.

Serve in a homemade wholemeal bun with a fresh green salad and / or alfalfa and sunflower sprouts, guacamole, tomato and relish.


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