Pumpkin curd or chutney

 If you have ever grown a pumpkin so enormous you don't know what to do with all that succulent orange flesh, then here is an idea: this recipe was inspired by one in Lawrence Hill's excellent book "Organic Gardening", but omits the egg. The quantities are relative, so you can adapt this to the amount of pumpkin you have.

Ingredients: pumpkin, fresh lemons, butter, brown sugar
  • Dice, cook and puree you pumpkin flesh
  • Add 6 sliced lemons for every 4lb of pumpkins
  • Add 4oz of butter for every 4lbs of pumpkins
  • Add half the cooked weight of the pumpkin in brown sugar.
  • Cook over a low-med heat until all ingredients are blended nicely and the sugar dissolved
  • Bottle in sterilised jars and keep in the fridge once opened.
You can stir in some chopped, dried or powdered chilli and salt (to taste) to make a chutney that's really good with cheese dishes.


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