Vegan Summer supper -who needs barbecue?

I just had to tell you about the supper we shared tonight...
Clockwise from top left: couscous and sundried tomato salad, green salad with alfalfa and beansprouts, hummus, mixed olives, spelt bread. There was also organic beetroot salad made from cubed cooked beetroot in fresh lemon juice, and tofu burgers (slabs of marinated tofu baked in a crispy spiced coating...recipe to follow in another post). To follow, we had date sachertorte (see previous post) with Swedish Glace vegan icecream. Yum!


  1. all these dishes looks totally appetizing! yummy meal! I hope you will stop by my blog and would appreciate you following me back if you are not doing so already :)
    Thanks dear!


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