Food from Rhodes...Greek delights!

The following pics show why I didn't really cook much last week in Rhodes...
Nuts, dried fruit bars and yummy traditional sesame, honey and almond bars

crystallised fruits (check out the colourful kiwis!) marzipan fruits, dates and  sesame halva

Herb and spice blends, "Turkish" delight in various flavours

Dried figs.. not a patch on the fresh ones we picked from the trees every day!
I did get some inspiration for cooking at home, though.... keeping it simple, with quality ingredients like good extra-virgin olive oil (wish we'd bought more; it's nearly all gone!) and fresh local produce. You can't get more fresh and local than homegrown fruit and veg, and I saw many little gardens with peppers, climbing beans, aubergines,  butternut squash and tomatoes as well as flowers. The locally-grown Kos lettuce was fab: crisp yet deep green and tasty...


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