Mango and coconut cookies- no grain, no fat

Several years ago, a friend gave me one of these to taste and I loved it! So one of the first things I tried with my new dehydrator was to replicate them, which I did successfully. The result was crispy (dehydrate for a shorter time to make them chewy) and sweet, and very more-ish. Note: these are neither raw nor sugar free if you use tinned mango pulp as I did- you could be super-healthy and blend fresh mango to mix with the coconut; it's plenty sweet enough.
All you do is mix mango pulp/ fresh mango puree with desiccated coconut until you get a consistency which lends itself to being spread on the Paraflexx sheet in cookie shapes, and dehydrate as you would for fruit "leathers" (about 140C for 2 hours, then 90C until done; about another 6-8 hours.
I would imagine that these would be really good served with vanilla, mango or orange icecream/ sorbet for an unusual summer dessert; my personal choice would be either a sorbet or the wonderful dairy-free Swedish Glace...mmm!


  1. Brilliant! And YUM! I was just going back thru some of your older posts and this one sounded right up my alley!


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