Spicy potato wedges

Our homegrown potatoes are really delicious, and I'm constantly thinking of new ways to cook them. Here's one method I devised with the kids in mind, which pleased the adults in the house just as much- good thing I made extra coating so we can easily have them again!
I cut the scrubbed, freshly-dug potatoes into wedges and parboiled/ steamed them (not too soft, or they will break up). Meanwhile, I made the coating from organic wholemeal flour with chilli powder, salt, hing and a little Chinese five-spice powder (check it doesn't contain garlic). The exact proportions are up to you; bear in mind that the roasting will take away some of the chilli taste. When you are satisfied with your mix, roll the wedges in the coating and arrange on a baking sheet spread with organic cold-pressed sunflower oil.
I cooked the wedges for about half an hour in a hot oven (200C-225C) and they emerged crispy (I left the skins on), golden-brown and delicious...


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