Zucchini rolls- a raw food classic- vegan

This is my take on the classic raw dish, and came about partly because of all the pulp from my juicer that I didn't want to compost. As my juicer is a fairly basic centrifugal one, I figured there must be some nutrients left in the pulp that it didn't manage to extract, as well as plenty of fibre. The lovely red colour of the filling is- you guessed it- beetroot, as that was one of the veggies I had juiced. If you don't have a dehydrator, you could skip that bit and eat them as soon as they are rolled, but I dehydrated mine just to help them hold together. I don't eat totally raw; not even 50% most days, but I do think it's important to include some raw foods in your diet every day for the enzymes and extra vitamins and minerals. (As for juicing; I tend to juice vegetables and apples most often, but I only juice once or twice a week at most unless I'm run down and feeling in need of a tonic. Juicing for me is more medicinal than as a meal replacement. Fruit juices are yummy, but not really that healthy because of the sugar content- they need to be diluted with water.Juices don't fill you up because they have no fibre and are not a whole food- in fact, they may even trick your body into thinking it needs more calories than it does because fruit juices register as a drink not solid food.)
This recipe serves 4 or 5 people if they have 4 or 5 rolls each- it makes 20-ish .
1 large courgette (zucchini)
250g veg juicing pulp (pick out any larger bits forst)
100g ground almonds (raw food purists would soak them before grinding to release the enzymes but I didn't bother- maybe I should have!)
2 tabs soy sauce/tamari/  liquid aminos
seasalt, paprika and hing to taste
a smidgin of chilli powder

  • Mix the ingredients for the filling together
  • Use a peeler to shave off thin ribbons of courgette, as shown above
  • lace the ribbons so that they overlap and then roll as tightly as possible: see pics above and below
  • Arrange on a dehydrator tray as shown and dehydrate for a couple of hours on the vegetables setting (fairly high).
  • When they are a bit more chewy and holding together, remove and serve with sprouts and a dipping sauce of your choice.
PS: My husband ate his hot from the oven with cheese melted on top! Yum!


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