Guest recipe from Nandasuta Dasa: Vegan creamy pasta bake

Last night (Friday) I arrived home from work exhausted to find that my dear husband had already made dinner- and some yummy flapjacks into the bargain! Not only did this give me a welcome rest, but the dish he created for me was so delicious that I thought I'd give him a guest spot here to share it with the rest of the world.
It's a vegan version of his classic pasta bake, which usually involves a cheese sauce and a thick crunchy topping, much beloved by our teenagers. He made the cheesy bake for the kids and the vegan version for me. (He ate both...)

Wholemeal pasta  (100g dry weight)
equal amounts carrot, runner beans, peas
400ml soya milk
50g/ 2 tabs tahini

  • Cook the pasta and vegetables, drain, and put into an ovenproof dish.
  • Mix the soya milk and tahini with the pasta and veg and season with salt to taste.
  •  Top with 50g hemp flour, oats, cherry tomatoes, paprika, mixed herbs
  • Bake at190C for 30 mins/ until golden brown on top


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