Chocolate Heart Cake- vegan

Fresh raspberries... yum!

Ground raw cane sugar makes the icing almost caramel- flavoured

Just a couple of pics of the cake I made today... and no, it's not sugar -free this time! Having made the hazelnut cookies early so as to post them in time for readers to use the recipe for Valentine's Day I was then left with the dilemma of what to make on the day itself; luckily, a trip to the local Aldi resulted in me finding a great silicone heart mould.

The cake is made made using my usual cake recipe, but with peanut oil rather than melted butter, plus buttercream icing made from ground raw cane sugar rather than white icing sugar to give a caramelly sort of richness. -And no, it's not sugar free! (You may also have noticed that it's milk chocolate grated on the top, as I'd run out of dark.) The unseasonal but irresistible fresh raspberries, coupled with lashings of grated chocolate on top certainly tipped this cake over into the "special occasion" bracket.

This post is dedicated to my dear husband, who has to put up with all my culinary experiments and never complains. We have had a very intense year, for one reason or another, but through it all he has been a rock. All the cakes in the world couldn't express my gratitude and appreciation.


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