Peanut Roast- vegan

After dinner, this lone slice was the only thing left for me to photograph...!

This is more notes than a proper recipe, as I really wasn't expecting this to come out so good so I didn't bother to measure anything! The flavour is very European; mixed herbs and predominantly thyme. Mary of Inside a British Mum's Kitchen, this one's for you! Hope you get to read this. It's a taste of old-fashioned English vegetarian cooking a la Cranks. (When your kids are old enough for nuts.)
 Instead of egg to bind, I used a large handful of semolina that I'd soaked until soft. I sauteed slices of celery with a dash of dark soy sauce and grated in cucumber to the chopped nuts and semolina to give some moisture. You could use onions and garlic if you eat them instead of these, and grate in courgette, sweet potato or carrot instead of cucumber. There was also about 1/2 a tube of tomato puree. About 500g of peanuts went in. The seasoning was: seasalt, soy sauce, black pepper, paprika, hing, mixed dried herbs and lots of dried thyme (which seems to complement peanuts really well). All you do is mix all the ingredients together really well, put in a greased tin (I actually use a dampened square silicone cake mould) and cook at 200-225C for about as long as it takes to do the parsnips and pumpkin, or until the top is nicely browned.
 I served it with roast homegrown parsnips and pumpkin, sweated pointed Spring cabbage and  peas. I dug out the last bag of our cooked-down homegrown tomatoes from the freezer, and made a super-quick gravy- cum-sauce by adding some basic seasoning and lots of yeast flakes (aka nutritional yeast.)
One day I'll make it again and get the ingredients measured to make a proper recipe...


  1. Sorry I have not been visiting very much! I have just retuned from a trip to india and it's all I can do to quickly post something and get on track with my kiddos - where is the time I had even 2 months ago???
    This is a wonderful recipe which would certainly be a winner in my home ... And thanks to on the heads up about the award - Congrats to you and may you get many more- And thank you very much for sharing it with me - most honored :) - cheers, Priya

    1. You're welcome! :) busy times ahead for me too that's life I guess... hope you had a good trip to India

  2. this sounds great..loved the idea..should try this sometime..thanx a lot for mentioning abt the award :)

  3. 1st time here.. You've got a good collection of recipes! I'm always on the look out for some pure vegetarian recipes. Following you! :)
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