Allotment Sheds

While photographing the plants in our allotment the other night, I noticed what an amazing variety of sheds there are on the site: they range from smart shop-bought ones to ramshackle hybrids of old doors and windows and serve as anything from functional toolsheds to rustic little hideaways for snatching a few moments of peace and tranquility. All of them charming in their own idiosyncratic way! I got to thinking about  how these sheds could reflect parts of their owners' personalities/ approaches to life: you can probably tell a lot about a gardener from his/ her shed... (we don't have one, btw :( our tools get stored in the polytunnel or taken home for use in the garden.)

Used to support climbing roses

Windowless, but still  useful...

Chalet style- I'd love to see what';s inside this one

Rainwater collection system

One of my favourites stands in the long grass, unused and forgotten, but sturdily made from salvaged windows and doors, almost a greenhouse

Now what's in here?!

Functional but still quite attractive

A real retreat from the world...

...Hard to believe this is the city


  1. Oh I love these little sheds - allotments are wonderful!
    Mary x


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