Frozen desserts from Greece: Watermelon Granita and Peach Fro-yo

Peach frozen yoghurt

Watermelon granita
Well I'm back from an all-too-short week away in sunny Crete, but I didn't forget the blog, and I've got a few posts worth of material to write about. This is mainly due to my innovative husband, who, despite the heat, was undeterred by the very primitive self-catering facilities in our accommodation and got stuck in making stuff! I didn't even want to buy an ice lolly, he made me feel so treated, and I want to take this opportunity to thank him publicly for making a lovely holiday even better with his thoughtfulness <3 <3 <3 
He used the small yoghurt tubs from the supermarket (he was eating live yoghurt for his health, and I did lapse from being vegan in order to try the yoghurt dessert) and the icebox in our apartment fridge to create these desserts and keep us supplied with ice made from bottled water for our drinks.

Peach Fro-Yo (serves 2):
peach nectar/ juice
a fresh peach
organic live yoghurt (substitute with soya yoghurt for the vegan version)
2 small plastic tubs
  • Mix equal quantities of juice and yoghurt together.
  • Add chopped peach pieces.
  • Fill the tubs, put a spoon in and freeze!
  • The result is a little crystalline, but who cares? Just ease it out of the tubs and eat like a lolly on a stick- so cooling, and healthier than any bought popsicle, lolly or icecream!
Watermelon Granita
This doesn't even need a recipe; just a nice, sweet and very ripe watermelon, of the kind you can usually only find in warmer climates... after you have eaten it, simply pour the juice  and scrapings of flesh from the rind into a small plastic tub and freeze. Don't worry too much about removing every single seed. When you take it out of the frezer, scrape with a fork to create the granita texture, and tuck in with a spoon or a straw.... who needs Slush Puppies?!


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