No-Fry Stuffed Parathas- vegan

Stuffed parathas... not easy to photograph! (sorry)

This goes with the No-Fry Matar Paneer I posted back at the beginning of June. No-fry Indian food is gaining in popularity and once you get used to it,  you'll really notice the oiliness of the traditionally-cooked versions if you happen to have them and be glad you know how to make healthier versions for everyday meals...
I used potato, sweetcorn and parsley for the filling, but you could put whatever you like in. (Potato is good as it mashes down and makes a smooth, homogenous texture for easy spreading/ rolling.) The only oil in these parathas is a small amount used for cooking the chilli and spices in the filling- but you could even dry-roast these if you want. I didn't make a note of quantities, as I only made a small amount, for experimental purposes, but they were a hit, especially with the kids, so here's how I made them:
  • I made ordinary chapatti dough (with organic wholemeal flour) which I rolled into equal-sized balls. I did not add any oil to the dough.
  •  Next I made the filling by cooking cubed, unpeeled organic potatoes until soft, rinsing them in cold water afterwards. I then cooked a little minced fresh chilli and ground cumin in a very small amount of oil, added the potaoes and mashed the lot. 
  • Not having any fresh coriander (cilantro) to hand, I snipped off some flat-leaved parsley from the garden and stirred that in, along with some sweetcorn kernels, paprika, ground coriander and salt. 
  • Putting the parathas together was not difficult; I rolled out one ball of dough into a circle (almost full size), spread the filling mixture onto it, leaving a gap of about 1.5cm round the outside, and brushed the bare outside edge with water. I then rolled another ball of dough into a circle the same size as the first one and laid it on top of the stuffing.
  • I then sealed the dampened edges and rolled out the paratha until the dough was pretty much as thin as you can get it without it breaking. I turned the paratha over once whilst rolling.
  • I cooked each paratha individually on a tava as you would a chapatti, flipping them over until both sides were cooked- they even puffed up a little, so I knew the filling was also heated through.
  • We ate them for lunch with a sabji of sweated spiced courgette (zucchini) and kadoo, and the kids chose to have theirs with salad and cheese. Delicious and guilt-free!


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