Tomatoes are good for your heart...

I realised what shape this tomato was only when I cut into it!
First of all, apologies for being late in posting this week- it's an incredibly busy time for me;  and also I will be on holiday for the next 7 days, so no new posts until I get back.
You may have read my post last year about foods that look like the parts of the body they help. In that it states that tomatoes have four chambers and are red, like the human heart, and that they are good for the heart.. well just look at the picture above and it's even clearer! I just had to photograph this!
Tomatoes have many nutritional benefits and healing properties; they contain lycopene and so cooked tomatoes can help prevent certain cancers. They are of course great sources of vitamins and minerals too. Their fibre content helps lower chloresterol and therefore benefits the heart, and their potassium, B6 and folate content can aid cardiovascular health too. It's as if that tomato was trying to tell us something...


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