Mini Seitan Satay Sticks- vegan

Seitan satay
Seitan is a cheap to make protein food produced by isolating the gluten from white flour. To find out how to make it click here for my step-by-step instructions.
This recipe can be a light meal or party food if you team it with crudites as shown above, or you can make it the basis of a meal by adding salad or roasted veggies and brown rice. The satay sauce is quite rich, so keep your accompaniments simple. It is fairly quick to prepare if you have already made the seitan, as you can get the veggies and sauce ready while the sticks are marinating and baking. If you don't have powdered galangal, then ginger will do. The amounts give here serve about 4 people: 20-ish sticks with 3 seitan cubes on each stick. You will need cocktail sticks which have been soaked in water, and a quantity of seitan from the above instructions.

50ml soy sauce
2 tabs oil such as peanut or ricebran
1 1/2 tsps grated fresh ginger
2 tabs lemon juice
1 tab agave nectar (optional)
Satay sauce:
150ml smooth peanut butter (if using unsweetened, add agave nectar to taste)
1 tab tahini
2-3 tabs soy sauce
1/2 tsp compound hing
a pinch of chilli powder (or more if you like it hot!)
1/4 tsp or small pinch powdered galangal- be careful as it has a strong and unique pungency
1/2 cup (125ml) warm water
  • Dice the seitan into 1.5cm cubes and soak in the marinade, which you make up by simply mixing all the ingredients together. (I only had minutes for this rather than hours, and the flavour turned out just fine.) Thread 3 cubes onto each of the soaked cocktail sticks and  bake them in the remaining marinade at 200C for about 20 minutes, or until slightly chewy but not too dry.
  • While the seitan sticks are in the oven, make the satay sauce by combining all the ingredients in a bowl and whisking in the water with a balloon whisk.
  • Serve the seitan sticks with a small pot of satay sauce and crudites for each person.
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