Awesome Vegan Pizza

The reddish- coloured pieces are spicy seitan

I slathered the base with thick, home-made tomato sauce 

Fresh pineapple, sweetcorn, olives and home-made sundried tomatoes all add to the awesomeness...

I call it "Awesome" because of the amount of toppings I managed to cram on, and the fact that it was all made from scratch, even the tomato sauce... if you prefer a more conventional pizza base, then use your favourite yeasted recipe. For speed and digestibility, today I made a yeast-free base. It's quite a lot like the yeast- free pizza I posted in September (see previous link) but I added another topping made from seitan.
To replicate this tasty vegan feast, pile on the luscious tomato sauce, a sprinkling of nutritional yeast, sweetcorn, fresh pineapple cubes, black olives, strips of marinated tofu, black pepper, oregano and my new favourite thing to do with seitan:
... some yummy, spicy, crumbly bits that resemble vegan pepperoni! Here's how to make them: take a piece of seitan (as much as you like) and crumble it with your fingers. Add a little olive oil and mix in paprika, sweet smoked paprika and a little red chilli powder. Spread on a baking sheet and cook gently for about 10 mins at 200C. (Don't let them get hard and overcooked though.) I'm thinking of making this into something like frankfurters- will post when I do.


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