Purple Power Soup- vegan

Thick, blended vegetable soup with an extra-special "something"...
 Unfortunately we didn't get a proper recipe recorded for this amazing tasty soup, but we will be making it again so we'll be sure to write it down next time. It started off as one of those soups that materialises from whatever veggies you have lying around, but then a couple of magic ingredients added propelled it into another league altogether. The smell is pure mineral-rich goodness, but the taste is not too earthy at all. After lunch we agreed that the amount of nutrients that must be packed into this soup had given us a real buzz- what a great Winter tonic!
Here's what went into it: a fresh, organic homegrown beetroot (hence the wonderful purple colour), some parsnips, pumpkin and Savoy cabbage. All four of these are "superfoods", containing between them Vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, potassium, betaine (for cardiovascular health), beta carotene and Vitamin A, anti-carcinogenic sulphurous compounds and zinc. There's iron and calcium in there too.
The veggies were gently pressure-cooked until just soft, then blitzed into a rough puree in the food processor, along with a good handful of fresh cherry tomatoes to counteract any earthy flavours. I think salt and black pepper also put in an appearance, and here's the real magic: a spoonful of black treacle, which adds to the mineral content of the soup and lends a rich, sweet flavour. (Molasses would be even healthier.)

If you love home-made soup, then do give these recipes a go and let us know what you think:


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