Aloo Baingan- Aubergine and Potato Curry with fresh Coriander

This is an Indian classic, and delicious with naan, bhatura or chapattis

 We are not going to publish the actual recipe here just yet- our version of this dish was created specially for a forthcoming cookbook with several recipe contributors, coming out soon.  It 's the sequel to "Kitchen of Love", which came out last year. The cookbook deals with the spiritual side of cooking as an act of love and devotion and all recipes are suitable for offering as naivedyam as well as being simple to prepare. (See the page above on Bhakti Yoga for details.)
This classic North Indian combination of succulent chunks of aubergine, melt-in-the-mouth potato, aromatic coriander and subtly spiced tomato sauce is easy to make and goes beautifully with Indian breads such as chapattis, naan or bhatura. (We also couldn't resist adding some peas just to give it some protein and make a complete meal of it, but you can leave these out if you're serving it as a side.)


  1. Nice combo of veggies dear. nice curry

  2. Nice combo...came looking for the recipe...hope you post soon

    1. Will post after the book is published- not long now; a few weeks...

  3. love this combo. yours look delicious


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