Chewy Apple and Cinnamon Oat Cookies- vegan, no refined sugar

There's nothing quite like home made cookies...
 We haven't had cookies on here for ages, so today (a Sunday) seemed like a good day to change all that! Put my feet up when I get a spare hour at the weekend? -Not me! I'd rather be baking... These are a variation on the coconut oat cookies we posted back in 2011, using gour rather than sugar. The cookies are not overly sweet; you may want to increase the amount of gour. (I did slightly spoil the no-sugar-ness of them by dusting them with icing sugar for the pictures!) The key player in this recipe is the dried apple; I did it myself in our dehydrator rather than than throw away a few apples that were looking a little bruised and past their best for snacking on, but you can buy dried apple rings which would do just as well. I always think oats are a sensible addition to things like cookies because they do slow down the body's absorption of simple sugars somewhat. We got 26 (2 bakers' dozen) wholesome cookies from this recipe: 

500g unhydrogenated vegan margarine
500g organic wholemeal flour
250g gour (try increasing to 300g or maybe even a little more if you have a sweet tooth)
250g porridge oats
100g dried apple
50g lexia raisins
3 rounded tsps ground cinnamon

  • Chop the raisins and apples finely and set aside.
  • Melt the gour in a sturdy pan on a medium-low flame, stirring to avoid burning it.
  • When it's lump-free and completely liquefied turn the heat off.
  • Meanwhile, put the dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix well.
  • Combine the margarine and the gour and mix with the other ingredients; I got right in there with my hands to make sure everything was thoroughly combined.
  • Make 26 balls from the mixture, about the size of pingpong balls.
  • Flatten each ball with a spatula on an oiled baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes or so at 200C. (Preheat the oven so it's nice and hot as soon as the cookies go in.)
  • Leave to cool if you can wait that long....


  1. homemade cookies looks delicious

  2. delicious combo and yummy cookies.

  3. I've never cooked with it worth a trip to the Indian specialty shop or might I sub in agave syrup? Not that I'd complain...we have some fabulous shops with freshly made naan and sweets every day. Yumza! :)

    1. You could try agave, but the consistency would be different, as melted gour is a little thicker. Gour is worth buying, though- despite being made from sugar cane it's unrefined and still rich in minerals. The nearest thing from the wholefood shop to Indian gour would be Brazilian rapadura- both products are made in a similar way. Hope this helps- happy baking :)


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