Our New Polytunnel

Nothing like a spot of gardening on a sunny day...

Here are some pictures I took this morning of our new polytunnel in the garden: Yes, in true Tom and Barbara style (remember "The Good Life"?) we have carved up part of our pretty suburban garden in order to make room for a 25'x12' polytunnel in which we are growing tomatoes and all our salad needs for the Summer. (We have given over our allotment polytunnel to French beans, mangetout, spinach etc. in case we get another cold and wet Summer like last year.) It's a great way to afford tons of organic produce!

We are putting potted plants outside to break up the outline: on the right is  a blackcurrant bush

Delicate flat beans won't mind the UK weather in this snug corner!

We should get plenty of courgettes and courgette flowers from this little beauty...

Part of a row of  14 cucumber plants

Mixed lettuces

Some of our 70-odd tomato plants of various colours and varieties; fed with lawn mowings and homemade compost from the bins we also keep in the garden.

Sunflower plants waiting to be planted out in a border

Sweet peas doing well in the warm and sheltered conditions

A chilli plant that's been indoors all Winter getting used to its new surroundings

Closeup of some bedding plants we raised from seed


  1. nicely done, looks so peaceful. enjoy your days there.


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