Fathers' Day Lemon, Coconut and Dark Chocolate Cake

A couple of details like lemon syrup and drizzles of dark chocolate make this a special treat for any occasion.
This is the cake I made at the weekend for Fathers' Day; it's based on the  lemon and coconut squares we posted last year, but one big cake. A couple of embellishments made it more special..

The two cakes were sandwiched together with lemon flavoured syrup. I made a double quantity, but with gour rather than sugar syrup, so it was both quicker to make and even gooey-er! 

The topping was more of the syrup, poured on while the cake was still warm so  it soaked in . Then desiccated coconut and grated lemon zest were sprinkled on, and the whole thing was finished off with a lattice of drizzled dark chocolate. (Can you spot the tulasi leaf..?)


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