Seed-Enriched Eggless Mayo

This makes a great dressing for a slaw

This week has been very busy for us- exams now over, the kids have propelled themselves into a social whirl which so far has included Leavers' Day and preparations for their prom, culminating last night in our daughter's art exam piece being shown at BCU Birmingham School of Art at an exhibition of the best submissions in the area- of which we are very proud indeed. Of course all this has meant very little time to cook at a leisurely pace and try out new stuff, so today's post is less of a recipe, more of an idea which I came up with about ten days ago.
It came about when I wanted to make coleslaw and found there was very little Orgran No Egg left with which to make the mayo, so I livened it up with salt, hing, black pepper and a few spoonfuls of ground mixed flax and chia seeds, which really gave a great texture. Their somewhat earthy flavour was sharpened up by adding plenty of lemon juice and dry mustard powder. Result: yummy and nutritious slaw!

Just whisk it all together!


  1. I totally hear you on the chaotic end of school activities - I'm exhausted!!! I LOVE the idea of adding chai seeds to your mayo - or any dressing come to that - I can't wait to try- thanks!
    Mary x

  2. Interesting recipe.. wish we got egg replacers here in India!!


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