Beet Burgers with Veg Pulp- vegan

The other day I made a juice from beetroot, apple, celery and ginger. The next day I made carrot juice. Now we have an old centrifugal juicer, which, frankly, isn't really up to the challenge of  many veggies (it doesn't like citrus either, but that's another story). Anyway, whenever I make juice there's always a lot of pulp left over in the machine and I'm pretty sure there's some un-juiced goodness in there as well as all that fibre so I tend to keep it. This is one of my favourite ways to use juicing pulp: veggieburgers.
I added cooked organic red kidney beans, porridge oats, miso, passata, seasalt, black pepper, powdered cumin seed (jeera) and mixed herbs and used a crumpet ring to shape the burgers. I cooked them on an oiled baking tray at 200C, turning halfway through cooking. The texture was just perfect, and they were delicious with salad and relish. They freeze well too. (The dark colour, by the way, is not due to overcooking but because they contain so much beetroot pulp.)
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