Plum Turnovers for Vegan Thursdays- sugar free

I came home to find our neighbour had brought us these beautiful plums from her tree...

...and that my husband had already been baking with some of them :)
Earlier this year I recall mentioning here that my husband is a dab hand at vegan pastries made without recourse to processed margarine (see his Apple and Cashew Cream Tart) so I was really happy to come home to these little treats, and even happier to hear that they contain no added sweetening of any sort- the plums were so deliciously ripe they didn't need it! Sure, you could sprinkle the pastries with demerara sugar before baking but really, why gild the lily? (Unless, of course, you have a sweet tooth...) I don't know exactly how many plums he used, or how many turnovers he made as I forgot to count them before we all tucked in, but it was possibly about 15- they are quite small. Here is the recipe, as he told it to me:

Some nice fresh, sweet plums, washed, stoned and halved. (If your plums are not very sweet, then use a little sweetener of your choice.)
300g wholemeal flour
250g white self-raising flour
175ml olive oil
50g white self-raising flour
100ml-ish cold water

  • First make the pastry: Using a food processor or blender, blend the olive oil together with the 50g of white self-raising flour and the water. This emulsifies the oil. Rub this mixture into the wholemeal and white flours and mix to a dough using a little more cold water as necessary. Cover and rest in the fridge -that's the dough, not you :) - for about an hour if possible. This results in an easy-to-handle pastry.
  • Now prepare the plums and gently heat them until just starting to soften- you don't want to fully cook them. Now is the time you could add any sweetener if you fancy. (Raw sugar, gour, agave, xylitol or stevia could all be used.)
  • To assemble the turnovers, cut small circles about the size of a saucer, place some filling in the centre and fold into semicircles/ crescents, sealing the edges with water and pressing them together. You could use a fork to "crimp" the edges too.
  • Place the turnovers on an oiled baking sheet and bake in an oven preheated to 170C for about 15 minutes, or until the pastry is slightly browned. The turnovers are delicious served warm or cold, with whatever you like (vegan icecream was one suggestion) or on their own.
This post is for Vegan Thursdays


  1. These plums look so gorgeous - but so cute! I <3 vegan pastries, the turnovers look fantastic!

  2. Omg, love that terrific, catchy plum turnovers..Very tempting.

  3. omg fabulous idea of using plums to make turnovers :) looks super yummy and tempt me !!

  4. I'll have to give that pastry a go, it looks great! The plums look amazing as do the turnovers. A very droolworthy post!

  5. wow lovely clicks and look's scrumptious :)


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