Summer Squashes Event: The Roundup

In August we featured Summer squashes as our Ingredient of the Month, and provided a linky so you could add your own squash recipes to the collection. Here, as promised, is a quick roundup of what we ended up with:

A big thanks to both of you for participating :)

... Don't forget to join in our September event, Brown Rice Bonanza! (details here.)


  1. Thank you for hosting.

    I've given your Brown Rice Bonanaza a shout on my blog so hopefully some entries. I would have submitted my own Butter Bean Curry here, but the rice was an accompaniment :(
    I know still plenty of time to participate.

    1. Thanks for the shout :) You could submit the butter bean curry if you like, as I'm sure the brown rice lent the meal a unique character that it wouldn't otherwise have had. Can't wait to see what gets linked...


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