Highbury Hand Made Christmas Fayre 2013- and what's in a name?


This is our shout for our friend Mel's annual event. She works so hard every year organising it,  and the proceeds go towards Highbury Theatre Centre. For those of you who don't (yet) know Mel, she is a very talented crafter  and lover of all things vintage, who writes the blog Mel Makes, in which she documents all her beautiful projects, aided and abetted by her cute kitty Boris. Naturally, she will be running a stall at the fayre, along with .gifts, handbags, textiles, jewellery etc....so if you live anywhere near Birmingham/ Sutton Coldfield, do go along and get some unique Christmas presents. Just click on the above link to her blog to find out more.

What's in a Name?
On to our next topic: last week on our fb  page we asked readers if they think we should change the name of this blog because it is now vegan and the title "vegetarian" could be misleading. As you may remember, we started out including dairy products in a few of our recipes, but although our kids are not vegan we now are, so our recipes are all vegan. If we do change our blog name, does that mean we should delete past non-vegan posts? The response on fb was pretty much in favour of us changing the name. What do you think? We would choose a name not too different from the current one (although Yogi Vegan is already taken).


  1. Ideally I guess it would be helpful to change the name so that it more accurately reflects your posts. Just put a note in the sidebar or in your profile stating that you started out as vegetarian and are now vegan. Definitely leave the old recipes in...they're often easily veganizable and just as creative as your vegan recipes. You can always do a new vegan version of an old recipe and link the two posts so people can see both. I often get inspiration from non-vegan recipes about techniques, combining flavors, spices, etc.
    Maybe a new name that reflects the journey of being a vegan because really, it is a journey of awakening I think. "The Evolving Vegan" or some such idea...? :)

    1. Thanks for that- very helpful suggestions; hubby and I are currently deciding on new name- will definitely take your comments on board- your time in making them is much appreciated :)

  2. Ooh thanks for the link :D
    We have pondered with some names in our house and thought of, From Veggie to Vegan, Vegan Guru, and Mystic Vegan.


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